Wedding in the Three Towers Eco House

Traditional Wedding

Welcome to the Intimate wedding in the Three Towers Eco house of Laoishe & Padraig, having initially planned for a hotel wedding.  They also had a sizeable guest list.  It was to be a traditional wedding day with all the trimmings. They had booked our services as Galway-based wedding photographers to capture their wedding memories.

We are looking forward to the occasion. When COVID-19 reared its head and interrupted their plans, they were understandably upset. All their arrangements and planning seem to be in vain.

Nevertheless, Laoishe & Padraig did not let it deter them. They are determined to make their vows to each other. The pair both choose to go ahead and say I Do. As a result, they plan a more intimate wedding at the Three Towers Eco House.

Intimate Wedding

Following Covid guidelines and restrictions on gatherings, the couple pared back their celebration. They changed their venue and settled on what was ultimately the perfect location, in, Three Towers Eco House.  It is situated just on their doorstep in Co. Galway.  They want somewhere local with a room that doesn’t feel empty with 50 guests.  Moreover, it needed to reflect their vision for their intimate wedding.

Relaxed & Casual

As Galway-based photographers, we are delighted with the new venue. It had been a while since we photographed a wedding in Three Towers Eco House. With a good knowledge of the surroundings, we are confident there are lots of photo opportunities. Laoishe & Padraig choose to keep the day relaxed casual and intimate. Placing their emphasis on the important elements.  Family and friends. By following COVID guidelines, the maximum numbers attending weddings are capped at 50 guests.  They have their very closest present, to share in, and celebrate their special, intimate wedding.

Bridal prep in The Three Towers Eco House

The day begins with bridal prep.  We meet with a very relaxed Laoishe, accompanied by their 2-year-old daughter Fiadh, who is very excited about her new dress. However, in contrast, Padraig and the groomsmen are in the room next door frantically ironing shirts and figuring out complicated knots for ties!  Nevertheless, they do scrub up well.

Intimate and Relaxed

The wedding takes place outdoors in the beautiful gardens, bees are buzzing the birds are singing. The ceremony itself is as expected, intimate and relaxed, Laoishe and Padraig sit in the center of the circle surrounded by their families and friends.  They exchange their vows and rings while sitting with their daughter Fiadh. It is exactly as they wished for.  Ultimately the most important thing is, they are getting married and they are sharing it with close family and friends.  There wasn’t a dry eye.

Intimate moments

With all the family photos captured we don’t have far to go for some intimate couple shots. Laoishe & Padraig get a few intimate moments alone together. Enjoying their first moments, of married life in the surrounding splendour of the Slieve Aughty foothills.

As wedding photographers, we are spoiled for choice at Three Towers Eco House and Slieve Aughty Centre. located at the foothills of the Slieve Aughty mountains there are so many different trails to follow, from fairy trails to horse trails the shot list is endless. Following some shots in the surrounding area with the happy couple, and equally as important we take a stroll with Fiadh through the enchanted forest to say hello to a variety of creatures. High on the list is a visit to all the horses in their stalls, it is amazing how unphased a child can be by the stature of a horse. Then onto the cake and some more photos, and it feels all too soon we are saying goodbye.

Despite the pandemic and restrictions, Laoishe and Padraig certainly created their intimate Covid wedding, their way, with infectious happiness.

We are really looking forward to our next wedding in the Three Towers Eco House

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