Meadowcourt Hotel Wedding/Galway Wedding Photographer/ Niamh & Joe

Niamh & Joe

It was early February 2020 when Niamh first contacted us about a booking for December of that year, she was planning a Meadowcourt Hotel wedding, yes we were available and the date was secured.

Who would ever have suspected that a worldwide pandemic was just on the horizon?.

Sitting on the fence

October 2020 Niamh is (in her own words) “sitting on the fence” about moving her date. The next inevitable email – have you any dates left in July 2021, so the date was moved to July .

Guest numbers are still restricted

April 2021 understandably,  Niamh is worried again.  Guest numbers at weddings are still restricted, for that reason once again she finds herself chasing hotels, bands, photographers, etc.. trying to pin down another change of date.  Eventually March 2022 is settled on – this is just over two years to the date of when she first contacted us about her original booking.  Thankfully this was to be her final date change.

Checking the mirror

A beautiful sunny spring morning when we arrived at  Joe’s house. There we witnessed the last minute preparations, washing and preening, checking the mirror, this was a serious business and everything has to be just perfect, and that was just to the car!!. It wasn’t long before Joe and his groomsmen were all decked and ready for a few pictures, and to be fair they all looked extremely smart.

Break open the bubbly

As we arrived to Niamh, Evelyn Niland was just completing the hair do’s and the girls were ready to break open the bubbly.  They were a lively group and we had a great laugh while capturing some of the natural moments between Niamh and the girls admiring her beautiful bouquet, and joking and laughing.

Beautiful scenic location.

After the ceremony we stopped off in the beautiful village of Woodford. There we cracked open more champagne and Joe took a moment with his Grandmother.  The next stop was the lake in Loughrea, the daffodils were in bloom so of course we got some lovely shots with the bridal party.

Then Niamh and Joe took a moment by the water’s edge for some beautiful couple shots.  Loughrea Lake is a beautiful scenic location for wedding photos at any time of year, but especially when the daffodils and bluebells are in bloom. Then off to the Meadowcourt Hotel to celebrate the wedding.

Meadowcourt Hotel wedding

As we pulled in to The Meadow Court, Clement was on duty, ready to give a warm welcome to the newly married couple, and then the party started. We left after the first few dances but I’m told they partied into the small hours.

Niamh & Joe, we thoroughly enjoyed our day with you both, I am so glad you held out for your wedding date, and you got to have all those that are important to you share in, and celebrate your day.  We wish you the best of luck and a happy ever after.

Joe Crean Photography.

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