Destination Castle Wedding Ireland

Destination Wedding Ireland

Destination castle weddings in Ireland are popular.

So you’ve made the decision to have a destination castle wedding.  What better location than the Wild Atlantic Way on the west coast of Ireland.  Dotted with fabulous castles and towers all suitable for a castle wedding.  Destination weddings in Ireland are popular these days.  Every couple wants their wedding to be a memorable experience.  A destination castle wedding is having your dream wedding in a location where you both dreamed of it being.  It is about having your closest family and friends there with you to witness it. Moreover, it is about having them there to join in the celebrations.  Marriage is one of the most exciting things that happens in a couples lifetime.  Therefore it is important that those special memories are captured to re-live time and time again.

A wedding photographer is as important as your wedding ceremony.

When planning your wedding abroad, remember, your wedding is one of those days that you have always dreamt of.  Having a destination castle wedding in Europe is something you will want to remember for the rest of your life.  Your wedding photography will be the most important part of your day.  A wedding photographer is as important as your wedding ceremony.  Equally as important as any other guests or even the presence of your family or friends.

Remember why you chose to have a destination wedding.

Your wedding photographer is not only for your wedding day but, for years and even for generations to come.  The photographs and memories captured will always be there. For example when you are sitting with your grandchildren or even great-grandchildren showing your wedding photos. It will be important to remember those amazing moments of your destination castle wedding.  To re-live the day through your photographs.  Moreover to remember why you chose to have a destination wedding.  Amazing wedding photography done by an amazing wedding photographer tells the story of your day.  Any bride should be able to look back at her photos and say “that’s the moment we took our vows”  rather than, that’s when the wedding photographer told us to hold this pose so it would look like we were exchanging rings.

Passion for what we do.

Wedding photography is one of the important aspects of your day that should only be done by a professional.  Joe Crean Wedding/Event photography has many years of experience photographing destination castle weddings. We work well under pressure, our outlook is bubbly and outgoing.  Our goal is for you to enjoy your day and have fun.  Most importantly we will get along with your friends and guests. Working with couples on what is one of the happiest days of their lives is a bonus for us.  The passion we have for what we do is reflected in our work and in the relaxed and natural atmosphere that is created.  Ultimately natural smiles lead to great photographs.  After all, we are providing a service, and we will ensure that we help to make your day as amazing as possible. As a result of our experience, we can offer great castle wedding ideas and advice on your photography.

It’s not a trial run.

Coming from the west of Ireland our knowledge of the area is excellent.  We have traveled the Wild Atlantic Way, for both engagement and wedding photoshoots.  Constantly producing consistent images and striving to bring uniqueness to each couple’s wedding photography.  Of course, we come prepared for all weather types, as you know we can have four seasons in one day in Ireland. We don’t let this affect our photography.  A wedding is something that happens only once. You will not get that time back again.  It’s not a trial run.

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