Galway Wedding Tara & Fergal

Galway City Wedding

As husband and wife wedding photographers, we are fortunate to capture countless love stories, each unique and beautiful in its own way.  However Tara and Fergal’s wedding in Galway city stands out as a truly unforgettable day, a celebration of love, joy, and the magic of summertime.


“Joe and Ann Marie were an incredible partnership to photograph our wedding. Our day was different to the routine wedding and nothing was a problem when we spoke to Joe and Ann Marie, for example we wanted photographs at the top of the diving board in BlackRock. The photos are fantastic.

Not only was their work excellent and professional, they were both so much fun on our special day. They made us laugh alot and did above and beyond their duties. I would highly recommend them if they have availability as I know they are extremely busy.”

Tara, Fergal and Hollie Sept 2021

Shared the excitement

What made their day extra special was the fact that they chose to start their day together.  Getting ready side by side in their new home. They shared the excitement and savoured the precious time together with their little baby daughter Hollie.

Moments of joy and love

Before the ceremony the plan was to go to Blackrock diving tower in Salthill for a pre-wedding photoshoot.  Salthill, and the tower was a special place for this couple it held special significance to them as it was where they shared a dive into the sea every day.  So here against the backdrop of the shimmering ocean we captured moments of joy and love, made all the more exhilarating by the stiff breeze coming across the waves at the top of the diving tower.

Perfect backdrop

From here we popped across the road for some more photos in the beautiful surroundings of the memorial gardens.  Tara and Fergal were so in love and such a lovely couple to work with.  These gardens provide the perfect backdrop for  wedding photos.  Ultimately this led us to their favourite coffee dock where we had time to stop for a leisurely coffee, savouring the simple pleasures in life.  Galway city is the perfect place for weddings and wedding photography.  We always love photographing a wedding in Galway city.

Galway Wedding

The boat club in Woodquay in the heart of Galway city,  was the location Tara and Fergal had chosen to have their Galway wedding.  As we arrived the sun was beaming down, casting a golden glow over the rippling waters of the river Corrib.  Family and friends had gathered, in anticipation of the upcoming nuptials.  Beginning with family photos Tata & Fergal wanted to save as much time for celebrations after the ceremony as possible.   We were happy to oblige, and in as efficient manner as possible these were complete in minutes.

Pride and Happiness

Guests began to take their seats on the raft at the back of the boatclub.  Shade from the warm summer sun was  welcome.  Tara and Fergal exchanged their vows beneath the majestic backdrop of Galway Cathedral.  They included children from each family in their ceremony as ring bearers, hand fastening and other duties which needed to be carried out.  The pride and happiness was evident on the freshly scrubbed faces of each one of them. 

Sumptuous Feast

Meanwhile the preparations were ongoing behind the scenes. Tara and Fergals favourite restaurant staff had taken over the kitchens.  A sumptuous feast was being created.  The menu was a reflection of Tara & Fergals tastes, platters of cold meats and salads with rich vibrant flavours were the starter course.  Followed by cuts of locally sourced meats and vegetables all prepared with culinary expertise.

Heartwarming and Emotional

Tara and Fergals speeches were heart warming and emotional.  Admist the chatter and laughter of family and friends the reception buzzed with energy.  As more guests arrive to join the celebrations for the evening, we were on hand to capture group photos with friends and family.

Celebration of Love

It wasnt long before the sound of the wedding band filled the air.  Everyone took to the dance floor ready to dance and have fun.  As we bid farewell to Tara & Fergal  the music echoed across the calm waters of the river, and lingered in the air over Galway city.  While we walked away we couldn’t help but feel grateful to be part of such a special day.  A celebration of love, and a day that we will remember for years to come.