Galway Wedding Photographer-

Joe Crean. Please read on to find out a little bit more about me.

Galway wedding photographer

Galway wedding photographer

Hi, I’m a Galway-based Wedding Photographer. Working as part of a team with my wife Ann Marie,  our approach to your day is all about bringing a lighthearted and fun atmosphere.  We are absolutely passionate about what we do.  Growing up in Galway city initially  I had an interest specifically in landscape photography.  I developed a keen eye for detail, and my relationship with the camera grew.  Ultimately this led me to make the transition to becoming a Wedding Photographer.  Best of all I have never looked back, I cannot say it enough I absolutely love what I do.

Why Choose Us?

We know that your wedding is one of the most important occasions in your life. Let’s face it, marriage is one of the most exciting things that will happen in a couples lifetime.  Why choose us?.  Making people feel at ease around the camera is an absolute priority.  Ultimately our fun and creative approach allow couples to feel relaxed.  And most importantly a relaxed atmosphere leads to natural smiles and great photographs.

Passionate about being a Wedding Photographer

Working with couples on what is the happiest day of their lives is a real privilege.  It is something we do not enter lightly.  We are passionate about what we do, and consequently, that is reflected in our work. With Joe’s creativeness and Ann Marie’s keen eye for detail, you are onto a winning team.  We pride ourselves on being unobtrusive. Our photography style captures the story of your day through the traditional poses alongside the natural organic moments. All the things you might have missed we are there to capture while having tons of fun along the way.

Your Wedding Photography:

Your wedding photography will be the most important aspect of your day.  Moreover, your wedding photographer is as important as your wedding ceremony.  Ultimately we are here to capture your memories of your special day.  You will treasure not only for years but for generations to come. When you are sitting on your couch showing your grandchildren or even your great-grandchildren your wedding photos,  we know you will bring back those amazing memories and feelings through your photographs.

Ultimately we want you to enjoy your wedding day.  Most importantly we ensure you are not away from your guests unnecessarily.  As a result, you will remember every moment when you relive it through your photos.


We have traveled all over the country photographing weddings.  In fact, we strive to bring uniqueness to each couple’s wedding photography.  Long after the dinner has been eaten and the bubbly has been drunk, all you are left with are the memories.  That’s why we ensure every aspect of your day is captured and documented for you to enjoy again and again.

Fantastic Locations:

Having grown up in Galway where my love for photography started. I am familiar with all the best spots for fantastic location Wedding photographs.  We work closely with local hotels. Most importantly we always visit your location of choice a few weeks before your wedding.  Therefore we always have a clear view of what’s ahead for your Wedding photography on your big day.

Get Along:

We will get along with your friends and guests on the day.  Our outlook is bubbly and outgoing.  We are always ready for a laugh.  Equally important we work well under pressure.  Of course, we come prepared for all weather types.  Since we could have four seasons in one day, we do not let that affect us.  For that reason, we always have a “plan B”.  A wedding is something that happens only once.   You do not get that time back again it’s not a trial run.

Thank You:

Thank you for taking the time to read.  Have a look around the website. Browse through the testimonials.  Feel free to contact us for a chat.  We look forward to hearing from you…




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