Raheen Woods Hotel Wedding

Anne & Aidans Wedding

Husband and Wife photography team

Anne and Aidan’s wedding day dawned a misty and foggy morning.  Thus setting the stage for a day filled with love, laughter, and cherished memories.  As a husband and wife wedding photography team, we were honoured to be part of every moment.  From the morning preparations to the lively reception that followed.

Excitement and anticipation

Our day was beginning with the bride. From the moment we stepped into Anne’s home, the air was filled with excitement.  Understandably the hustle and bustle of hair and make-up created an atmosphere of anticipation.  Nonetheless, Anne remained composed and focused. She was radiating an air of calmness. As wedding photographers, we know the wedding morning can be the time when emotions run high, and things can begin to run late.  We always have a consultation with the couple a few weeks before the ceremony and make sure that there is a plan in place for timings.

Timeless elegance and charm

In contrast, in Anne’s bedroom, the scene was set, with her elegant dress, shoes, and wedding details all beautifully laid out.  It was all promising a day of timeless elegance and charm. We immediately got to work photographing all the details.  The photos of the shoes, flowers and jewellery are an integral part of the morning preparations, together with the candid photos taken of the hair make-up and morning prep.


Joyous toast with champagne

Despite the early hour and the foggy ambiance outside, we shared a joyous toast with champagne in the garden.  We took some relaxed and fun photos of the bride to be. Surrounded by her bridesmaids all wearing matching personalised pyjamas and dressing gowns.  It was understandable that Anne was beside herself with excitement.  Their playful spirits were contagious, and we couldn’t resist orchestrating a fun photo moment, arranging the girls in a formation that spelled out a word.  As a result of our photo, spontaneous laughter erupted and it was to be a taste of the fun that lay ahead. We know it is most important to create a relaxed atmosphere and as a result, we capture photos that show great smiles and true emotion.

Heartwarming and unexpected

In a heart-warming and unexpected moment, Anne’s sister, also her chief bridesmaid, became the bearer of a special surprise from the groom, Aidan.  As the champagne corks popped laughter filled the air.  Anne’s sister approached her from behind with a mysterious twinkle in her eye.  With a gentle smile, she handed Anne a beautifully wrapped gift, a symbol of the love shared between this couple.  With a mixture of curiosity and excitement, Anne unwrapped the package, to reveal a delicate pendant,  it was a token of Aidan’s affection and appreciation for his bride-to-be. Moments like this always offer the opportunity for us to capture the genuine reactions and the real emotions of the day.

Precious Moments

At last, the time has arrived for Anne to begin putting on her stunning wedding dress.  As she slipped upstairs, together with the help of her mother, she was dressed without delay. During this time we captured an abundance of precious moments shared between them.  Finally, it was time for a first look with her Dad.  One of the most poignant moments of any wedding day is the bride’s first look with her father. As wedding photographers, it is a moment we adore, and it always warms our hearts when we look back at the photos ourselves.  It is the first time he will see his beautiful daughter in her wedding dress.  And indeed Anne’s was no different.  As her father entered the room Anne stood there radiant in her stunning gown.  Their eyes met, and time seemed to stand still.  Understandably in that moment, they shared a silent exchange of love and pride.  It was a moment of love and connection, a memory that would be etched in their hearts forever. Having completed our photography of the morning preparations, it was time for us to leave and meet the groom at the local church.

Hint of nervous energy

Aidan accompanied by his groomsmen, was waiting at the church, ready to greet guests as they arrived.  The atmosphere was filled with excitement and joy mingled with a hint of nervous energy.  The groomsmen looked dashing in their suits showing their support to Aidan as he awaited the love of his life.

Following our initial greetings we proceeded to get set up for some photos with the groom and groomsmen.  We positioned them in front of the church door.  It is always a good place for some photos of the groom before the ceremony, and with our usual efficiency, the photos were completed in minutes.

Walk of a lifetime

In the blink of an eye, the wedding car was at the church gate.  Anne was still as calm and serene as when we had left her.  The bridesmaids were attentive helping her out of the car.  We arranged the bride tribe for some photos before they entered the church.  Anne and her Dad exchanged one last hug and a reassurance that this was the walk of a lifetime.

Heartfelt vows

The local church was filled with light and the altar offered plenty of space for us to move around without disturbing the proceedings.  As wedding photographers, we are always aware of our surroundings.   Couples can sometimes be very nervous and the added element of cameras can create unnecessary pressure.  With this in mind, we always keep our presence as discreet as possible.  Anne and Aidan exchanged heartfelt vows in a ceremony that was as personal as it was beautiful.  It was a celebration of love and commitment, filled with anticipation and emotion.

They stood hand in hand in front of the altar, surrounded by their closest family and friends.  As they exchanged rings and sealed their love with a tender kiss, the church erupted in applause and cheers.  With family and friends alike celebrating the love that had brought them together.  The church was filled with joy and pleasure of a lifetime of happiness for Anne and Aidan.

Fun and laughter

Once the family photos were complete we made the journey to the historic Athenry Castle. Wedding photography is always weather-dependent but today we were lucky.  The sun began to emerge and was casting a warm glow upon the bridal party.  Against the backdrop of the castle’s stone walls, we captured the love shared between the bride and groom.  Not forgetting their lively bridal party which added an element of fun and laughter to the photo shoot.

  But the magic didn’t end there.  Anne had prepared banners and props that added a whimsical touch to their wedding photos. It is always great fun when couples bring their own ideas and props to a wedding photo shoot.  Next, we ventured to the nearby river for some beautiful photos of the happy couple with the glistening river flowing alongside them.  We had the privilege of capturing moments they will treasure forever

Precious moments

The reception unfolded at the beautiful Raheen Woods Hotel, where the couple received a warm welcome from attentive staff.  This beautiful hotel offers numerous locations for wedding photographs, both inside and outside.  In the hotel’s lush gardens, we took some precious moments with the couple’s adorable son Will.  It was most important that we captured some cherished family memories.

Enchanting sparkler photos

After dinner and amidst the festivities, as evening descended, the garden transformed into a fairy-lit wonderland, that illuminated the night with joy and romance.  Understandably, providing the perfect ambiance for enchanting sparkler photos.  Anne and Aidan were only too happy to pose for some romantic evening photographs in this magical fairy land. 


Surrounded by family and friends

As the evening reached its crescendo, surrounded by the love of family and friends Anne and Aidan took to the floor for their first dance.  We captured the sparkle in Anne and Aidans eyes as they shared their first dance, surrounded by the jubilant energy of their guests.  As we are two photographers it allows us the opportunity to capture first dance photographs from two angles.  It also allows us to take photographs of all the guests enjoying themselves on the dance floor.

Love laughter and enchantment

It was a fitting end to a day filled with love, laughter, and timeless memories.  Although our time with this newly married couple seemed to fly by in a blur of laughter and joy, the memories we captured in our photographs will serve as timeless reminders of a day filled with love, laughter, and enchantment. We wish them everlasting happiness.

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