Galway Bay Hotel – Nina & Gary’s Wedding

Galway Bay Hotel Wedding
Nina & Gary

Magical wedding day

Welcome to the enchanting tale of Nina & Garys magical wedding day.  Set against the breathtaking backdrop of Galway Bay, this radiant couple exchanged their vows on a sun kissed open-air balcony in the Galway Bay Hotel.  Surrounded by closest family and friend’s  they had chosen the sunniest day of the year so far .   As a wedding photographer in Galway, I had the incredible privilege of documenting every blissful moment of their celebration.  It was to be a day filled with laughter, love and a touch of furry cuteness.


Galway Wedding

This Galway wedding, taking place on the open-air balcony of the Galway Bay Hotel.  Overlooking the sparkling waters of the bay, and reflecting the glitter across to the Clare hills.  This outdoor wedding venue was nothing short of a fairytale come true.  Bathed in the glorious sunshine, the picturesque scene provided the most romantic backdrop for their nuptials.  With each passing moment the gentle sea breeze and warm sunlight lent an air of true romance to their love story. As a result it made this Galway wedding an occasion to cherish forever.


Entourage of dear friends

This lovely couple were joined on their wedding day by an entourage of dear friends who added even more vibrancy to the festivities.  Four radiant bridesmaids stood by Ninas side. Their elegance matching the beauty of the occasion.  Equally dashing were the four groomsmen who exuded charm and camaraderie.  Together they were the perfect team to create an atmosphere of comradeship, love and support.

Ready for a few quick photos

My first stop of the day was to meet Gary, his family, and the groomsmen. We were meeting at Garys parents house in Athenry. It wasn’t long before the banter started, ties were fixed, cufflinks closed, and the boys were ready for a few quick photos.  Immediately, a groomsman produced a bottle of whiskey and that calmed the nerves.  We went outside to take advantage of the lovely day. Beginning with some shots of the groomsmen opening the whiskey.  It didn’t take long to get some  family photos, and of course the dog of honour Misha.  However, all too soon I had to leave.  I was making my way to the Galway Bay Hotel where Nina & the girls were getting ready.


Enjoying some champagne.

As I arrived to the hotel,  preparations were well underway.  Hair and make-up was almost complete, I captured the final touch up, and got on with capturing the details of the day.  Nina was well organised and had all her details laid out ready for me.  As a result I was ready to capture Nina with her bridemaids enjoying some champagne and having a laugh and a joke.  With Nina in her dress and the final few pre-ceremony pictures complete.  I made my way to the beautiful ceremony location to meet with Gary and his groomsmen.

Suns rays dancing on the bay.

The guests were just beginning to take their seats as the groomsmen put on a display of fun and frolicks pretending to drag Gary up the aisle, spirits were high and there wasn’t a sign of a nerve.

Overhead, the suns rays were dancing on the waters of the bay. A gentle breeze carried the fresh scent of the salty air across  from the crystal waters of the sea. Misha their beloved Siberian Husky looked splendid in her custom made collar and bow.

Perfect for an outdoor wedding.

The atmosphere was perfect for an outdoor wedding.  Photography can be challenging when it is very sunny, as always I was prepared for changing light.  I positioned myself next to the videographer.  In front of the couple, with access to move between the front and back.    Nina glided towards her dashing groom and the beautiful ceremony began.  Understandably, lighting candles outdoor would prove to be challenging, nevertheless they both stayed alight.  Beginning with readings and poems by family members, and a traditional hand fastening ceremony. With Misha on best behaviour during the ceremony, it couldn’t have been more perfect.  All too soon it was complete and they were now Mr & Mrs.

When the formalities were complete and everyone had wished them well.  We moved across to the stunning gardens next door for some family and bridal party photos.  The gardens adorned with lush greenery, provided the perfect backdrop for photographs.  Laughter filled the air, the camera capturing the joy and excitement.  Underneath the canopy of blooming trees with the suns rays cascading through the branches, we had such a laugh.  The lively bridal party brought their infectious energy  laughter and a plethora of creative ideas, which made my job as their wedding photographer an absolute delight.  Despite the high jinks we captured some beautiful memories to cherish forever.

Wonderful wedding day.

As a wedding photographer my passion lies in capturing not only the posed portraits but also the spontaneous and heartfelt moments that are forever etched in time.  Nina and Gary were such a perfect couple it was a joy to be part of their absolutely fantastic day.  I am grateful for the opportunity to immortalize their love story.  From Gary opening his whiskey in the morning, to Nina and her Mum having such a giggle together.  The enthusiastic groomsmen.  The happy couple seeing their exquisite wedding cake created by Carols Cakes Galway for the first time.  The beautiful first dance the couple had practiced together.  This was a wonderful wedding day from start to finish.


Thank you both for allowing me to be a part of it.

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