Valentines Ball

Charity Ball Fundraiser:

I had the pleasure of attending  the Valentines Ball in The Lady Gregory Hotel on February 14th.   A charity ball raising much needed funds for their local charity, Gort Cancer Support.  Olivia O Grady saw an opening in her diary for Friday 14th  and turned it into an absolutely fantastic and most enjoyable event.

The Charity:

Gort Cancer Support, is run completely by volunteers and is a much used resource in their community.  However an opportunity has come about,  for them to purchase the house adjacent to the one in which they are using.  Despite not having the funds they know it is a once in a lifetime chance for them to expand.  In spite of this Gort Cancer Support went ahead took a loan from another charity,  and bought the house.  Although this new house needs to be adapted to suit their needs. It has given them the much needed space for ground level treatment rooms and family and child play therapy rooms.  They are now actively fundraising to repay the loan.  

The MC:

Despite the bad weather it did not take from the absolutely fantastic night that Olivia, Alan and the O’Grady family had organised.   Indeed Gort did not let them down.   Locals supported the night extremely well.  Guests were greeted by a champagne and canapé reception.  Daithi O Sé was  MC on the night, and he gave of his time willingly, and indeed a nicer more down to earth chap you could not meet. He happily posed for photos and is always ready to have a laugh and a joke with everyone.

In the blink of an eye it was time to sit for dinner, Olivia had worked her magic and the ballroom looked spectacular.

Time for dinner:

With everyone seated the ballroom filled with the sound of Ed Sheerans version of Galway Girl.  Daithí  O Sé made his entrance, cycling the bicycle that Saoirsé Ronan had used in the video to that very song.  He cycled a few laps of the room and what cheers of laughter and encouragement he received.  This was shaping up to be a very good night indeed.

My compliments to the chef on a fabulous meal, the food as always tasted delicious no words could do it justice. The Chef had even created a dessert in the shape of the Gort cancer support logo.

The Auction:

Daithi O Sé takes  the microphone  to chat with Olivia and the committee from the support  centre.  Then onto the next phase of the night.  Colm Farrell local auctioneer takes centre stage to auction off the various items displayed.  The signed Connacht jersey created a bit of a stir around the room, but eventually a lady secured it.

Next up a week long holiday in Villamoura, again there was strong bidding with Colin making sure to get the best price he could.

Finally the last piece up for auction. The highlight of the night.  The bicycle that Saoirse Ronan used in Ed Sheerans video for Galway Girl.  As Colm Farrell put it, “The bike that had been ridden by Saoirse Ronan AND Daithí”. Bidding was strong a lot of people wanted to get their hands on this bike.  In the end the lady of the house secured it.  The next couple to have their wedding in The Lady Gregory Hotel will have Saoirse Ronans bicycle as part of their wedding décor, how cool is that.

Fun and Games:

 Last but not least a bit of fun.  A spot prize for the lad with the most multi coloured underwear.  The lads were very shy, or else they were all playing it safe in the underwear department.  It took a bit of coaxing.  Eventually one gentleman made his way to the stage, willing to prove he had multi-coloured underwear.  Daithí was in charge of judging and he took his role very seriously!

Now its time for the girls.  Who had the highest heels?.  There are plenty of contenders for this competition.  Each set of heels  has to line up and Daithí and Colm inspect them very carefully.  Eventually a winner is decided on, and with that the music strikes up.

Time for dancing:

Who Knows band are on stage and they immediately have the floor packed, everyone is ready to let the hair down and strut their stuff on the dance floor.  By now I had packed away the camera and I am ready to join them.

As I leave the dance floor is still full and Who Knows are still belting out the tunes, I’m sure it went on well into the small hours.

I have to say Congratulations and well done to everyone involved and I am always delighted to come on board and become involved in such  wonderful events and worthy causes close to all our hearts.




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