Hiring a Photographer for your wedding

Hiring a photographer and building a relationship

Hiring a Photographer for all events.  When hiring your wedding photographer do you look further ahead?.  Most wedding photographers don’t just specialize in Weddings, they also cover Engagements, Christenings, and all other events.

Bride and groom posing with the umbrella




At Joe Crean Photography we build a relationship with our clients that generally extends far into their married life together. For a lot of couples, it is equally important to have every special event captured professionally.  So your wedding photographer is not just a wedding photographer they are in fact an event photographer.  Understandably on your Wedding day, you make a connection with your photographer.  During your wedding day you will have become familiar with us, and at ease in our company, so why not extend this into your married life together.  It is very easy to make it into something long-lasting.

Wedding Anniversary

Hiring a photographer for your wedding anniversary
Surprise your spouse on your wedding anniversary






Why not hire your wedding photographer to capture your wedding anniversary.  What a great way to surprise your spouse. Moreover, you will have these photographs to cherish as the years roll on.

Maternity Photoshoot

One of the most exciting times after marriage, of course, is when you or your spouse find out that they are pregnant.  A truly joyous occasion in a married couple’s life, understandably one that you will want to capture.  Why not make a booking with your wedding photographer to join you on the journey, and capture some truly memorable memories for you to cherish.  You will have already built that long-lasting friendship and for that reason, you will be comfortable in their company. Begin with a “gender reveal”  or maybe a baby shower, or best of all, an intimate maternity photoshoot with just you, your partner, and “bump”.  Most importantly remember we are not just for weddings.  Professional photographs of you and your baby bump will be some of the most treasured photographs you will have.


Newborn photoshoot.

Now your baby is here.  Cherish those moments, book a new baby photoshoot.  Your baby is going to grow so fast, you just won’t believe it.  Your photographer will bring out the best in your baby’s portraits.   Baby pictures are always lovely to look back on. Especially as your married life moves on.  Patience is key to being a good photographer, and choosing the most opportune moments without upsetting your little one is a must.

Communion, Confirmation Photographer

Blowing bubbles


Beautiful communion gown



Proud Mammy








When they reach Communion or Confirmation age.  Let us continue to document the story.  Whether it’s for fun, a holiday, a 1st birthday cake smash, whatever the event, it’s so important to continue capturing lovely photos of your children!.  We love working with kids because they are so chilled and they never hold back a smile!.  As time goes on, these will be some of your most cherished albums to have.

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