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Hello everyone, hope you are all keeping well through these uncertain times with the Covid 19 pandemic.  In this article I focus on your wedding and the current Covid 19 advice.

As a  Wedding photographer based in GalwayWedding covid advice,  I too have the same questions as yourselves, as to when  weddings will get the green light to go ahead with Covid 19.  However there still  seems  to be a lot of uncertainty at the moment.  Having said that we are now  seeing some light at the end of the tunnel.

We will take every precaution, following the Covid 19 advice and guidelines from the WHO.  We will do this before, and during your event.  For instance this will  include temperature checks, with social distancing and PPE, should it be required. We are on hand anytime to discuss wedding covid advice.

At the moment the majority of our 2020 couples have postponed their wedding until 2021. consequently  this will leave all wedding suppliers very busy next year.

Starting out with Covid 19

As many of you might be just starting out on your journey of planning your big day.  Especially with Covid 19 looming in the background. Firstly I would like to say Congratulations!.  Secondly do’nt worry myself and my wife Annmarie at  Joe crean Photography , are always available to help.  We love chatting about weddings, and especially about wedding photography. Feel free to reach out if you need some Covid 19 advice in relation to planning your wedding.



Our Style

My shooting style is honest and intimate. We do not have to let Covid 19 advice interrupt your day.  I will still capture the feeling of each wedding. Even with Covid 19 advice regulations and guidelines, with the use of telephoto lenses I will  balance a combination of composed and natural moments in an honest and non choreographed way.  As your wedding photographer I will capture those genuine moments.  The final touches and preparation between a bride and her Mum.  The emotion on the face of the bride’s Father. Those timeless memories that will live on forever in a photograph.  A photograph that captures the natural emotions, those honest and timeless images.  Tender glances and gestures, the uniqueness of each couple on their Wedding day. Above all we know that despite Covid 19, what we capture on the day will still hold its magic when you look back in 25 years time.

Our Covid 19 Approach

Our approach is all about making couples feel relaxed and at ease.  Taking all covid precautions, your journey begins with the first phone call or email. We are professional wedding photographers.  We are personable and easy to work with. Couples can can call us at any time with ideas or suggestions.  As a couple ourselves we love to get involved in the planning.  We can help with the selection of scenic locations for extra photos to add to the uniqueness of your day.

Timeline & Covid 19

The timeline for your day is an important tool in order to help the day run smoothly.  Most importantly we will implement the Covid 19 advice and guidelines in a no fuss and yet professional manner.  We work with you on your photography timeline for your wedding day.   Its not set in stone its just a guideline.  The more time we take with the planning of the details and putting a timeline together, the better we are able to capture your wedding fluidly. Accordingly incorporating the Covid regulations.

From the inside

I shoot a wedding from the inside, almost as if I am a guest.  Being an integral part of your day I make sure to capture moments as they unfold. In contrast to what people are feeling presently with the air of uncertainty around weddings due to Covid 19.  I can assure you that when couples and their guests feel comfortable and live in the moment it helps us to capture great advice

Advice – Keeping Covid 19 in mind.

When choosing your wedding  photographer it is important that your personalities connect.  Where possible meet face to face, distancing can be implemeted with a little forethought, keeping Covid 19 advice and regulations in mind.

Some good Covid 19 advice is to plan beforehand, make a list of important photos.  We are delighted to receive a list,  as a result it ensures none of the photos, which are important to you will be missed. As a result social distancing can be planned and implemented beforehand if necessary.  Dont worry about all other shots they are in safe hands.  As always the key is in the planning and the timeline, moreover it means  you do not miss any of  the party.

wedding advice


In conclusion enjoy the day, don’t get caught up in the small things. Covid 19 will not always be around.  By the time your wedding comes around Covid 19 will hopefully be a distant memory.  Trust the people around you.  A happy bride and groom who are relaxed and in the moment are great to photograph.  If you are relaxed on the inside it shows on the outside, and as I always say “natural smiles lead to great photographs”.

Good luck, looking forward to hearing from you all.



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