A Covid 19 wedding in lockdown

A Covid 19 Wedding during a lockdown

A Covid 19 wedding during a lockdown. Back in 2018, we were contacted by Patrice and Michael about photographing their wedding. At that time there was no mention of Covid 19. The wedding was in 2020. They had already viewed our website and they liked our style of photography.

The Meeting

We arranged a consultation. Patrice was bubbly and outgoing, Michael was happy for her to take the lead and express their wishes for their big day. The ceremony is to be held in Mountbellew Church, with the reception afterward in The Abbey Hotel Roscommon. Patrice was full of enthusiasm and ideas of what she wanted for the day. Of course, we are always happy to listen to a bride’s wish list. We always do our utmost to make it become a reality. After some discussion on ideas and locations and having viewed our sample albums. Patrice and Michael decided there and then that we were the right fit for their day. They booked us immediately and paid a deposit.

All Weddings Cancelled due to Covid 19-lockdown

However, fast forward to 2020. The unthinkable happened. A mystery virus Covid 19 was spreading throughout Europe into Ireland. Schools are closed, Pubs, Shops, all non-essential businesses are closed including churches. The country is in lockdown. Consequently, all weddings were canceled.

Decided to go-ahead

April 2020, Michael made contact to say that despite the Covid 19 pandemic, and the lockdown.  They had decided to go ahead with their ceremony as the date was important to them. They were having a wedding during lockdown.  Understandably he wanted to have it documented and wondered if we were willing to do that for them.  They had discussed the possibilities with their Parish Priest, who was in favor of going ahead with the ceremony, despite lockdown.

Covid 19 regulations

 Covid 19 regulations would have to be adhered to.  Initially, we were concerned for our safety, and for the safety of our couple and their families.  However, we felt we could not let them down.  Especially as they had booked us so far in advance. Despite our initial concerns, we knew in our hearts we had to photograph their very special moment for them.

We reassured Patrice & Michael that we would take every precaution necessary to ensure that all regulations were adhered to.  Likewise, they kept numbers to the minimum and practiced social distancing where necessary. These are the regulations for a wedding in lockdown.

Bride to be

The morning of the wedding in lockdown dawned with a beautiful sunrise, blue skies clear and warm.  This is the perfect day.  Best of all we were looking forward to having the camera in our hands again. Before leaving our house we checked our temperatures and packed our PPE alongside the cameras.

We arrived at Patrice’s house where we were met by the bride-to-be and her Mum.  The house was decked with banners and bunting, candles, and Covid 19 information signs.  We sanitized our hands-on entry and we were ushered by Patrice to the room where the dress and accessories hung.  Patrice was doing her own makeup and she was just applying the finishing touches.  While she returned to her makeup we concentrated on the shots of the dress.

engagement ring resting between brides shoes
the bling

With Patrice in her dress, we got some family shots outside with her Dad and her proud Grandmother.

The Groom

We met the groom, Michael, at the church, after more temperature checks and sanitizing of hands we had time to get some photos with his Dad and his brother.

Michael and Patrice had their immediate family at the ceremony, specifically sisters and brothers, parents and grandmother.  The only other people in the church were the Priest,  and ourselves with everyone adhering to the regulations,  two meters apart.

The happy couple

As Patrice and her proud dad walked up the aisle. It was evident they had made the right decision going ahead with their ceremony.  Their sisters did readings,  Patrice and Michael sat apart, with a symbolic coming together to take their vows.  As a result of the regulations to my mind, it made it all the more intimate and meaningful.  I almost had a tear in my eye.

Soon Mr & Mrs, Conway are walking down the Aisle “The Happy Couple”  and as Fr Burns put it in his homily this was his first time to officiate a wedding in lockdown.  Theirs was like a wedding of long ago were immediate family attended the marriage and the party went on at home.

The new norm

In contrast to a regular wedding, there was no official meet & greet at the church door as this was a Covid 19 Wedding.  Some friends of Patrice’s were waiting outside to congratulate her from a safe distance.  Obviously, it was hard not being able to give a hug and say congrats to a good friend. Family pictures were taken outside, and Patrice asked if we would accompany them to a local spot for a few scenic photos.  Of course, we obliged.

All too soon we said farewell to Patrice & Michael after their Covid 19 Wedding.  It was a beautiful day. But this is not the end of our journey with them.

Patrice and Michael have postponed their party and reception to 2021, and we are looking forward to Part 2.


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